Shigeo concept art by mebae.

Takita Shigeo (滝田 繁男) is an Entrepreneur. He is a long-haired man dressed in a white shirt. He is quickly defeated in a Deal with Shindo Tomo.




Bria is Shigeo's Asset. It takes the form of a horse head with multiple human arms, curved horns and bird legs. Its Flation, "Trojan Horse", makes its arms grow out of the enemy Entrepreneur, draining his Midas Money. Among its other meanings, a "Trojan Horse" is also an advertising offer that seems to be a good deal, but actually is not.


  • Shigeo's appearance and Bria's name are references to Brian May, a member of the rockband Queen. This is similar to Shimodaira Ryuuji's reference to Freddie Mercury from the same episode.