Shindo concept art by mebae.

Shindo Tomo (進藤 基) is an Entrepreneur and a member of Mukudori Guild. He is a middle-aged man who wears a cyan (sometimes tan) jacket, various hand accessories and a purple bandana that hides his mohawk. He is a levelheaded person who serves as the right arm of Mikuni Souichirou, both in his real world and Financial District matters.




Belle is Shindo's Asset, who takes the form of a pale blonde horned girl in a blue dress. Her irises are diamond-shaped. Her Flation, "Dead Man's Trigger", partially transforms her into a giant gun which shoots beams of energy. The Flation's name is taken from a Japanese sinonym to Pac-Man Defense, a defensive tactic when the target firm turns around and tries to acquire the other company that has made the hostile takeover attempt.


  • Belle's name is a reference to the Disney animated movie, "Beauty and the Beast". It is similar to Aurora's reference to "Sleeping Beauty".
  • Even though she did not have any major appearances, Belle is one of the most popular Assets in the series among the fans, losing only to Mashu and Q.