Tsutomu concept art by mebae.

Sakamaki Tsutomu (酒巻 勉) is a Gold Midas Card Entrepreneur and the first opponent of Yoga Kimimaro. He is an obese man dressed in biker clothes. He considers Kimimaro just another rookie and underestimates him, which leads to his defeat by an unexpected Mezzoflation from Mashu.

He meets Kimimaro again in episode 7, when they share a friendly meal and discuss the nature of Assets.




Gig is Tsutomu's Asset, which takes the form of a horned giant with multiple steel balls all over its body. Its Flation, "Bulk Sale", allows Gig to control these balls, throwing them at the opponent. The more Midas Money is spent on the Flation, the bigger balls it uses. In business, a bulk sale is a sale of goods by a business that represents all or substantially all of its inventory to a single buyer.