Concept art.

Q is the first Asset to appear in the series and the original Asset of Mikuni Souichirou. She is a pale girl dressed in a one-piece dress with deer-like horns and green fur on her feet and hands. She has a habit of eating Midas Money. Her ticker symbol is QFWK.

Her Flations, though constantly blocked by Aurora, are released when Aurora is not around, as Q loses her quiet composure and gains a glowing red aura. Her Mezzoflation is "Cannibalization", which allows Q to destroy everything in a spheric area before her by chomping with her large maw. Its name is taken from the term denoting the negative impact of a company's new product on the sales performance of its existing related products. Her Macroflation, "Economic Blockade", makes her horns grow and stops time for a while (although it is still possible to talk and think during this stop). Its name is taken from an effort to cut any economic interactions with a particular country.

Q's relationship with Souichirou is different from most other Assets and Entrés, with Souichirou taking her on "dates" and protecting her during their first Deal. It is explained by the fact that Q is the incarnation of Souichirou's comatose sister, Takako.

The MonologueEdit

This is the script of Q's mini-drama, which can be seen here.

I am nothing but an Asset.

I have no interest on the Entre’s feelings, personal life or on his activities in the real world.

Deals are all the relation between the Entre and the Asset.

That is the principle I believe in.

Nevertheless, my Entre often summons me outside of duels, and under the pretext of “dates”, takes me on walks around the Financial District.

He will talk all the time, and enjoy meals alongside me.

To the other Entres, it is quite an eccentric sight.

To me it is an unnecessary conduct, but as I see no reason to oppose it, I follow him.

The Entre seems satisfied with just that.

However, when I am with the Entre, my body enters an unexplainable condition.

As if my chest is tightening, or as if I want to reach out and feel his warmness…

Unique sensations not usually found in Assets.

Perhaps that has something to do with the entre’s lost future.

However, these are not debilitating and I can carry out my part as an Asset.

That must be what the Entre desires as well.


  • The reasons for Souichirou helping Q during their first Deal may have been connected with Takako, his little sister that is currently in a coma. Q may have reminded him of her, as she is actually her incarnation.
  • Q may be the strongest Asset in the Financial District, as she is the only Asset that requires outside restraint.
  • Mashu shows great interest in Q, which may be explained either by her recognizing Q or by her simply associating herself with her.