This page lists the translations of the blogs found on the official website. Unlike Entrepreneur Blogs, these blogs are not written by the characters that appear in the series, describing the world of the series from the common folk's perspective instead.

Mihorin’s Fluffy Café!Edit

First time with sempai at a chocolatier store S2Edit

Today I went with my crush “N” to a chocolatier café S2

It’s the famous chocolatier store “Chocora Reon” in Ebisu!

A date with “N”… S2 … or so I wish but…
The business proposal “N” made for the project went super well with the client, so he decided to treat the people who helped him (5 girls).
(ehhh, I want a date alone sometime…)

It’s a super expensive store I’d like to go to, but can’t afford.
The interior of the store is wonderful, and the light of the city you can see by the window are like a dream…
and, of course, the chocolate is superb!

I also wanted to eat their famous chocolate gateau
but this time I went with the seasonal chocolate parfait
You can taste not just the famous chocolate, but also orange, and caramel, all at once!!
Perfect for greedy little me. Suuuuuper delicious!!

When a bonus comes out and you are feeling a little rich, go check it out!
You will have a heavenly time!!

Although, for some reason, the store was really empty…
When I saw it on the magazine, everybody was talking about it, and the café was really popular.
Is it unpopular lately? Such a wonderful store…


Ehehe, today I went with three girls from work to the usual miso nabe place under the bridge.
At first I was like, “why are a bunch of girls eating miso nabe alone?” but now I’m totally used to it, and I stop by a lot on the way back from work.
Nothing wrong with just us girls ^_^;

But today there were some shocking news.
My friend Masami said her father’s health had become really unstable, so she’s quitting to go back to her old city to help her parents.
Looks like her family owns a fairly famous construction company (contractor?) back where the live, but recently the work has stopped coming in, and her father collapsed from anxiety.
Masami will have to dig holes and build roads…?
No way!! *shocked*

In the news it says that the budged for public utilities is growing, and new roads are constantly getting made…
If it’s expanding so fast, I wonder why that happened to her father’s company…

And we got on the company and became friends, it’s so sad she’s going far away…

But Masami is the one who must be really suffering, so I need to get myself together and cheer her on.
I’m sure she’ll meet a wonderful husband back home S2

I got a little sentimental today…
So I’ll drink some warm chamomile tea before bed today.
Good Night.

Farewell party

Today is Masami’s moving day.
So three of us girls made a light farewell party before she goes on the trip.

Usually I’d want to send her off with a blast at a cute store, but
Get this!!!
This month’s pay was cut by 20%!!! No way!!!
When our superior announced it at the end of last week, everybody was super angry!!
I know we were a little tight since our biggest client, some big pharmaceutical company went under, but was it that serious?!
Working day in day out, lately with the personnel cut I’ve even been making the tea,
and now a pay cut?!

I didn’t mean to complain, but I couldn’t help it…

We weren’t in the mood for a gorgeous Tokyo party, so Masami asked us to have a picnic on the Shinrin park.
We brought some home-made sweets and just sat on the grass, taking it easy…

Masami, do your best!

Let’s exchange mail!


Today suddenly “N” said:
“Everybody, what’s with the long faces? Let’s go have some fun!!”
,so we went to the CLUB GLITTER CAT in Nishiazabu.

It was my first time in such a celeb-like, gorgeous club, so I was really excited ^_^;

The night view was wonderful (of course Tokyo Tower was great) and all the other guest were gorgeous!!

…or so I would say, but
My clothes and accessories were totally inappropriate, I just wanted to go home quickly…
You can’t just decide to go straight from work!!

Today, “N” didn’t care about these things, and was all excited.
On top of that, he said he’d treat everybody from our section!!
It’s nice that he wants to comfort us now that we’re fuming because of the salary cut, but what about him!?

Actually, lately he’s been in a terrible mood, suddenly kicking trash cans and stuff like that, I was a bit taken aback.
And now that I thought he was back to normal for the first time in so long, all this excitement, “So he’s that kind of person ?!!!”

I saw a side of him I’d never seen before…
But Mihorin will continue to do her best to love him!!

Naoko’s Current Challenge!Edit

The day-to-day learning of LOHAS shop “NATURE EARTH”’s president Naoko!

Cooperation That Creates TiesEdit

Today I went to a seminar for young administrators.
Recently, not a lot of young people decide to start businesses, but everybody there was extremely motivated.

What I want the most is for lots of people to learn about the LOHAS life style.
When I started this store I was in my twenties and had no funds and no know-how, but the people here all fervently asked the lecturer how to invest their money most effectively.

Even with everybody saying the economy is so bad, I look out of the corners of my eyes and think: there are really people willing to do anything.

However, I believe that for a business to maintain trust for a long time, sincerity and good intentions towards the costumer is important.
I propose a natural, light life style that relaxes the mind and the body, and want to help the creation of ties between people.
I believe that is my true business, and that’s why I do my best.

Class reunion after ten something (!?) years

I went back to my home town to attend a class meeting.
It was a girl’s highschool so we were a group of 38 people with nothing but girls.
I faced the meeting with the happiness of meeting old friend and with the slight embarrassment of still being single.

Everybody is in their 40’s , but nobody’s changed at all!
We felt as if we were back in our highschool days and made a real ruckus.

I thought “Everybody is probably living happily, huh” but surprisingly, amongst the 38 only 6 had become mommies.
There were some girls who wanted children but couldn’t have them, but most of the married ones were working and actively didn’t want children.
There were some girls who wanted children but couldn’t have them, but most of the married ones were working and actively didn’t want children.
Many had the opinion that raising children brings to many worries.
I also heard a rumor that the husband of one of the girls had committed suicide…

By the way, there were 12 singles including me.
I was surprised to have so many companions.
But, even though it’s always said that the low birth rates and suicide are social problems, with this I could really feel that these things happen surprisingly close to us.

However, my beloved child is my store, so I’ll raise it dearly with all my might.

Pan-Industry Social EventEdit

Today I went to a pan-industry social event at a hotel in Shinjuku.
Looking down on Tokyo’s night view from a high-class building, toasting with champagne.
I felt a little timid faced with that gorgeous and shinning world, but this is a meeting that reunites several people working on the front lines of several different types of business, so it was extremely exciting.

People that work towards a goal really are wonderful.

What surprised me this time was that there were lots of people looking for projects.
When I told people that the organizer had introduced me to that my objective is to expand my store all over the world, many of them said “Then shall I become your sponsor?”

I could really feel that LOHAS isn’t just a trend and is being recognized as a legitimate way of life.
A way of life that is good for the body and the mind, and also health and environment-friendly.
I’m glad I started this work.