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Midas Card is a pass that allows Entrepreneurs to enter the Financial District and participate in Deals. Besides being a regular credit card, it can also be used to communicate with Assets, perform Flations and summon Itaneda's taxi. There are four levels of Midas Cards, which depend on the amount of money the Entré has. If Entré loses the card, it will return to him under any circumstances. When Entré goes bankrupt, his Midas Card shatters, and he is exiled from the Financial District forever.

The owners of Darkness cards have the unique privilege to use the Rotary Press.


  • Every Midas Card number begins with 0666.
  • The Entrés of the Far Eastern Financial District have their names written in Katakana on the cards.
  • Every Midas Card has a four-letter ticker symbol written on it which represents the Entré's Asset.
  • The four levels of Midas Cards are Normal, Gold, Platinum and "Darkness" (Black).
  • It used to be possible to custom order your own Midas Card on the official website. You were able to customize the name and the ticker, but the card number is random except for the first four numbers.


  • The pictures on Midas Cards may be connected with Tarot cards, particularly the Sun, the Moon, the Death and the Devil.
  • The different symbols on the Midas Cards are similar to the Waite-Smith renditions of the tarot deck. The Sun represents The Sun; the Moon represents The Moon; the skull represents Death. The Devil can be found in the Midas currency, while the octopus is assumed to be a permutation of the Wheel of Fortune where its spokes are the symmetric tentacles of the octopus. The side-by-side comparison may be found here .