Concept art by mebae.

Mashu (真朱) is Yoga Kimimaro's Asset. She's a tall girl with two long straight horns with red fur on her feet and hands. Her clothes consist of a frilled top and a frilled mini-skirt. Her ticker symbol is MSYU.

Her Mezzoflation is "Scorched Earth", which allows her to conjure fire-based attacks. It takes its name from a M&A tactic of a company making itself as unappealing as possible to avoid a buyout. Her Macroflation, "Overheated Economy", is an even stronger blast of fire which can burn down to the ground entire buildings. Its name is taken from a term denoting a prolonged period of good economic growth and activity that causes high levels of inflation.

Her personality is a bit rough, as she is often irritated by Kimimaro's lack of fighting spirit. On the other hand, her relationship with Kimimaro is a bit more personal than between other Assets and Entrepreneurs, as Kimimaro tried to save her during their first Deal.

She is curious about various human activities, including eating and kissing. She does not require food to live, but she did take a liking to instant ramen.

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A picture of Yoga Kimimaro's father and Mua.

It is revealed by Taketazaki that Mashu is extremely similar to the Asset of Yoga Kimimaro's father, Mua, the only difference between them being the hair color. It implies that Mashu or the future she represents is the incarnation of Kimimaro's yet unborn daughter (and a granddaughter of his father).

The MonologueEdit

This is the script of Mashu's mini-drama, which can be seen here.

Even if you tell me Assets are the Entre`s future, we have no time, so I don`t know what I`m supposed to do.
Fighting in Deals; that’s the only reason we exist, so just doing what we have to do should be enough.
I mean, that’s what I’ve been doing. And that’s what I’ll continue doing.
So, if you tell me I may be his daughter or granddaughter, really, I just don’t get it.
If I’m his daughter, then I’m his daughter.
I’m OK with being his granddaughter too.
I just don’t think that such an important thing for the current me.
But he thinks about it so much.
Even if I tell him he’s thinking about it too much, he won’t stop thinking.
That’s a little annoying.
Why can’t we just be an Entre and his Asset like normal?
For me that’s best but, is it no good?
He’s a strange guy, but I don’t hate being with him.
I think we’re getting along pretty well so, why is it no good?
If right now it’s good, then the future doesn’t…
Strange, isn’t it.
I can’t get myself to finish that sentence.
Is it because I want to cherish his feeling?
Is it because, now or in the future, no matter what happens, I want to cherish him?


  • A popular nickname for Mashu among the fans is Msyu, which is derived from her ticker symbol.
  • The Chinese characters of her name are 真 (Truth) and 朱 (Red). Together, these characters mean "Vermillion". The second character of her name also serves as a radical in a character 株 (Stock). Her name can also be written as 魔手, "Demon's Hand".


  • Mashu shows great interest in Q, which may be explained either by her recognizing Q or by her simply associating herself with her.
  • There was much speculation about Mashu's connection to Yoga Kimimaro. Some fans considered her an incarnation of Ikuta Hanabi, as another meaning behind the name "Hanabi" in Japanese is "Fire Flower".