Ichirou concept art by mebae.

Horii Ichirou (堀井 一郎) is an Entrepreneur and a member of Mukudori Guild. He is a young man wearing a shirt with a heart pattern. He is careless about his doings, considering Deals to be just games. Despite this childish behavior, he is one of the most powerful Entrepreneurs of Mukudori Guild and is the left hand of Mikuni Souichirou.

He is shown participating in a Deal with Shimodaira Ryuuji, defeating him effortlessly and recruiting him into the Guild.

He is later confronted by Yoga Kimimaro. Although Ichirou has the upper hand at first, the effects of the Rotary Press activation make his Asset useless, leaving an opening for Kimimaro to unleash a Macroflation and bankrupt Ichirou.




Gasser is Ichirou's Asset, which takes the shape of five connected jet engines decorated by four horns. Its Flation, "Insider", allows Ichirou to predict the enemy movements and evade them effortlessly. It is also possible for Ichirou to attach Gasser to himself, gaining two short knives and the ability to fly. The Flation's name is taken from the term denoting a person who has knowledge of, or access to, valuable nonpublic information about a corporation.