Gotou concept art by mebae.

Gotou HIROMITSU (後藤 ヒロミツ) is an Entrepreneur and one of the opponents of Yoga Kimimaro. He is a plump man dressed in gray sweater who manages a ramen store. He is the only Japanese Entrepreneur in the series whose name is written in katakana.

After losing a fight with Kimimaro, Gotou surrenders and allows Kimimaro to strike him with a Direct investment. This makes Gotou the first and the only Entrepreneur in the series to surrender in a Deal.




Teddy is Gotou's Asset, which takes the shape of a weird stuffed bear-like creature with multiple scaled hands and a single horn. Its Flation, "Bear Hug", drains Midas Money from the opponent as long as Teddy holds him with one of its hands. Its name is taken from a M&A term denoting a coercive proposal of purchase.