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The future used to print Midas Money.

Future is one of the central themes of the series. It is taken as collateral by Midas Bank from Entrepreneurs to provide them with Midas Money. In case of bankruptcy, an Entrepreneur loses his future as well as his money, which leads to many catastrophic events. Some future is also lost whenever an Entrepreneur loses a Deal, but the consequences are much less dire. On the other hand, winning a Deal does not lead to any positive events in the future outside of gaining money.


  • The theme of future may serve as a symbol of derivative markets, where you either invest in your own future (your Asset) or the future of other people (by buying their Stocks). Likewise, Midas Money symbolises speculative money, and the effects of bankruptcy are similar to the collapse of an economic bubble. It is explained in a greater detail in one of Oosaka Naoki comments.
  • The central conflict of the series lies in the characters' opinion about the future. Mikuni Souichirou considers it much less important than the present, while Yoga Kimimaro wants to preserve it at any cost.