This page lists the translations of blogs belonging to various Entrepreneurs, which can be found on the official website.

The Ups and Downs of a Working DaddyEdit

This is the blog that belongs to Makida Naoya. Its Japanese name is リーマンパパの塞翁が馬日記. リーマンパパ means a salaryman who has children. It's also interesting that リーマン is the Japanese pronunciation for Lehman, as in Lehman Crash. 塞翁が馬 references an old fable that implies bad luck is always followed by good luck, and vice versa.

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the FireEdit

A direct translation of the Japanese title would be A Wasp Into a Crying Face.

I know recently this blog has been nothing more than me complaining about my private problems, but the other day my situation has really taken a turn for the worst.

One of my subordinates was caught embezzling.

It is his second year in the company, and even though he was still a bit immature he was enthusiastic and his bright and energetic personality really set the mood for the department.
To think that he had his hand in illegal activities behind my back…

He himself receive a disciplinary dismissal.
Of course I, as his superior, also had to take responsibility.
I was demoted and received a three month pay cut.
I understand that a fault of the subordinate is a fault of the superior, so I must accept whatever punishment I receive.

But, I can’t help but think, why did this have to happen just now?
My son’s college entrance exams are just around the corner, and I have numerous college entrance fees I have to pay. On top of that, there’s the medical expenses of my wife who has been hospitalized since late last year, and the repayment of the loans I took to buy the house…

I have no idea from where I’m supposed to squeeze out all that money.
I’m not usually fond of alcohol, but tonight I feel like drinking until I drop…

A Dream from Exhaustion …?Edit

I’m currently reaching the height of confusion.
Even if I attempt to retell the events that I experienced the day before yesterday to those reading this blog, I believe they will simply conclude I’m either writing half-asleep or that I have turned to illegal drugs in an attempts to flee from reality.
I’ m writing this to calm myself down and organize my thoughts.

As I lay dead drunk from my drinking binge the night before, a “man” appeared before me.
An uncanny man, wearing clothes you might see on a stage or on TV.
He told me something to the effect of: ”If you were only to offer your future as collateral, I should lend you the money you need”.
From the chain of events up to this point I concluded I was dreaming, and have a vague remembrance of having uninterestedly responded: “If that would help get out of this situation right now, I wouldn’t mind”.

I dismissed everything up to this point as nothing but a dream, and quickly put it out of my mind.

It was only as I checked my bank book later that I understood that “dream” had not been a dream at all.

The money on my account had increased by 10.000.000 yen.
At first I believed it to be a mistake on the bank’s side, and quickly called to inquire.
But they firmly denied any mistake, and added that there was no failure in their book keeping.
I could withdraw the money with no hindrance.
I have the bill right in front of me right now.

I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s true that this money could be a life savior…
What should I do?

As I typed this, I suddenly remembered something that man said.
He strongly recommended that I should invest money.
Invest money… Why does he want me to do that?

(No subject)Edit

It’s impossible, I can’t accept it, I can’t believe my eyes…

It’s dreadful, simply dreadful…

Am I really still sane?

Maybe if I broke down for good I could be at ease…

That world…

That battle…

That bug-like woman…!!

I want to forget everything, as if it never happened…

But this odious card, no matter how many times I burn it, how many times I break it or throw it away, before I know it it's back in my hands…

Can I not run away from that contract?

Can I not run away from that world, that terrible bug-like woman…?

In that case… Do I have no choice but to fight…?

The Blog of a Small Bakery: ChambordEdit

This is the blog that belongs to Shimodaira Ryuuji.

New Bread Announcement!Edit

“French Bread with Bacon Cheese and Tomato” 241 yen (tax included)
With plenty of cheese and bacon all wrapped with French bread dough.
Crunchy on the outside, springy on the inside.
Our special bacon is really juicy and makes a perfect combination with the mozzarella.

The Mustached Baker put heart and soul into this new super bread!

Goes on sale the day after tomorrow!
Get down here and have a taste!

Deal Balance Results (Private)Edit

Today’s Deal was decided by Matching.
Usually I would avoid Maching with opponents that are hard to predict, but this week I couldn’t find an easy mark and properly decide on who to Designate.
I should have relied more on that information seller.
Though I need to be careful not to let him take advantage of me.

Because of that, today’s objective is not to bankrupt my opponent, but to try to avoid losing spending the minimal amount possible. There’s no point in overstretching myself and ending up losing everything.
All I know of what happens to guy that go broke is from rumors, but it seems pretty bad.
I don’t want to go there myself.
The opponent’s asset was a giant rhino with a long horn. My Asset Cury looks like a frail girl, but an Asset’s strength isn’t determined by its appearance. No matter how big or scary it looks, without invested money the opponent’s Asset can’t even touch me.

In this Deal, I went with the strategy of buying time with Guard, and look for a change to attack the opponent when he gets nervous. I tried to use Cury’s Flation to create tree branches and separate the Asset from the Entre, but thanks to the other Asset’s whirlwind-like Flation they were blown away.
You really can’t tell an Asset’s abilities by his looks.
At first I was a little taken aback by the Asset’s Flation effects, but once I got the hang of it I could deal with it as many times as needed. Unable to get to us as we focused even more on our Guard, the opponent missed several Flations and Directs, and eventually I found a chance to strike at him. In the end, I spent I little more than predicted, but from the percentage of increase in total funds when time ran out I won the Deal.
Even if you invest a large amount of money and keep attacking with Flations and Directs, if you don’t hit you’re only losing your money.
And that “loss” becomes my “winnings”.
It was an average deal overall.
Spenditure: -33.500.000 yen (12 flations, 1 direct)
Income: + 57.000.000 yen (profit 8.000.000 yen + opponent’s losses 49.000.000)
Balance: +23.500.000 yen

Bread Class Announcement!Edit

We’ll be doing bagels, focaccia and cinnamon apple rolls.
Beginners are welcome!
The Mustached Baker gives an easy lecture!

11:00 gathering
13:00 lunch time with the bread that’s done
14:00 dismissal
Entrance fee: 3000 yen (study material, ingredients, lunch and souvenir included)
Required material: apron, triangle mold, material for taking notes
Number of spots: 10

Small Bakery Chambord

Let’s get refreshed from all these terrible news by eating delicious bread!
Everybody, definitely be there!

The Melancholy of an Unemployed IntellectualEdit

This is the blog that belongs to Nagayama Tomosuke.


I’m at my limit
I can’t take this anymore
Reality is so fucking shit
Fucking parents, fucking shrink
Every one of them is a retarded piece of shit, it’s all bullshit
It’s not like I’m living like this because I want to
Haven’t they got anything else to say
If it was so easy to just go and work I’d have done it already
I’m just not cut out for it
I can’t even breathe in this piece of shit reality
To begin with it’s because you were such shitty parents that I turned out like this
My fucking luck
I’m so pissed of
I just wanna mess someone up, don’t even care who
I ain’t doing it though
It’d clear my head but
I ain’t getting nothing out of it
Ahh, I really can’t take it.

Maybe I’ll hang myself…


WTF is going on
I don’t even know
WTF happened
No fucking clue
It’s not like a dream or anything
Nobody would believe me if I told them, but
But I’ve got a shitload of cash right now
More than 10.000.000 yen…

Is that freaky dude fucking with me?
I’ve been living this shitty life,
Was even thinking about hanging myself so
I don’t even care if I’m getting trolled at this point

He left some papers along with the card and the money
Financial Investment Manual or whatever
I don’t really get it, but it looks like I can increase the money even more
If I had more money, my parents or nobody could say shit to me
I could get back at the people that fucked with me
Look down on them and stuff…
If only I had more money…


I’m the fucking man lololololololololol
My “A” is so fucking strong lolololololololol
Piece of cake lolololololololololol
Delicious PROFIT lololololololololololol
I fucked up another one today lololololololololololol
Got 300.000 lololololololololololol
I’m making so much money lololololololololololol I don’t even know what to do with it lololololololololololol
The money comes in so fast, I don’t even have time to use it lololololololololololol
No really, instead of spending the money, it’s much more fun to use it there lololololololololololol
My mind is blow lololololololololololol

Saw a big breasted blond woman over there today lololololololololololol
I’m gonna challenge and fuck her up lololololololololololol
Can’t wait lololololololololololol
I wanna shove my Direct into her lololololololololololol !!!!!!!!!!